Evidenced-based research indicates conclusively that our body and emotions are intricately intertwined, creating mutually stimulating effects that can be either positive and healthy or negative and unhealthy. Living in a culture that still does not value the significance of our feelings and emotions and their undeniable contribution to our state of health or illness, we owe it to ourselves to learn all that we can about the power of our emotions, both positive and negative. Having become aware of that significant knowledge, we can then decide to harness our emotions positively to contribute to consciously living a long, healthy, energetic and joyful life, or negatively to unconsciously allow ourselves to deteriorate gradually into a shortened, unhealthy, uncomfortable and unfulfilling life. The choice is ours to make every minute of every day. This decision and its predictable consequences represent a beautiful integration of using the power of both our thinking and feelings to create the best life of which we are capable. My work with people is based upon my strong belief in the efficacy and balanced approach of positive psychology.