Ultrasound and Obstetrics

One of the modern miracles of obstetrical care has been the introduction of ultrasound imaging. This has made it possible to actually see the baby and its many organ systems. Because of ultrasound, we can accurately determine the due date, whether a baby is alive, how many babies there are, whether the baby’s anatomy is […] Read more »

Breast Feeding

Human breast milk is warm, portable, sterile, always on tap, free and, most important of all, conveys the mothers immunity to may common diseases to the baby. This keeps the baby out of the pediatrician’s office and reduces illnesses in the first year of life. Mothers who come from a tradition of breast feeding are […] Read more »


What should I do before I become pregnant? During the year prior to attempting conception, the most important things are to get yourself in good health and stop any destructive behavior which might harm your child such as smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, or use of recreational drugs. If you take medications regularly, you need […] Read more »

Pregnancy and Genetics

Genetics has changed dramatically in the last few years as the impact of understanding human DNA has advanced. A few years ago, the ability to screen for genetic risk was very limited. Today, it is possible to screen for hundreds of genetic diseases with a simple blood test. However, genetic testing is a very sensitive […] Read more »