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Dr. BraswellDr. Braswell is a career-changer entering medicine as a second career.  After graduating from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and working for a Fortune 500 insurance company she had an epiphany.  She made a decision that however long it took to complete medical school and residency she needed to live out her calling and never wonder, “What if?”   After years of graduate school, medical school and residency she is finally about to say she did it.  Discipline, being open to feedback and a strong desire to succeed propelled her to the end result of being an obstetrician-gynecologist.

When asked why she chose her field, Dr. Braswell tells of the time when she visited the maternity ward in Eldoret, Kenya on a rotation as medical student. Seeing the long line of mothers breastfeeding openly and witnessing sick babies that she never imagined confirmed her desire to return to the States and apply to her specialty.  Sharing with new mothers and helping to educate them on how to remain healthy during pregnancy is her motivation.  She hopes to develop life-long doctor patient relationships in Atlanta and attract women who will stay with her through adolescence, childbearing and beyond.

As a resident in Nashville, Tennessee Dr. Braswell had the pleasure of treating young women from the nearby colleges.  Working with the young girls through their passage into womanhood reminded her of her days at Indiana University and having to visit a gynecologist.  She also developed a desire to work with younger girls while rotating through pediatric adolescent medicine in Indiana.  Taking the fear and apprehension out of visiting a gynecologist and educating the patient is her primary goal.

Dr. Braswell is a junior fellow of the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  She currently is affiliated with Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia where she delivers babies and conducts gynecologic surgery.