IMG_2917In my 40+ years of experience as a psychotherapist, I’ve worked with adult women and men individually and as couples on problems of depression, anxiety, stress, couple miscommunication, emotional regulation, family and child developmental stage challenges, sexual issues, major life transitions and health-related issues. I work with adults ages 20 and up and am especially interested in midlife folks. As a Certified Group Psychotherapist, I lead an ongoing Midlife Women’s Group.

While completing the PhD in Clinical Psychology at The Fielding Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, California, I wrote my dissertation “Psychological and Physiological Profiles of Post-Hysterectomy Menopausal Women who report Less Than Satisfactory HRT or Satisfactory HRT Outcomes: A Comparative, Correlational Study” (HRT is hormone replacement therapy). I compared the histories and amount of depression, anxiety, and sexual dissatisfaction in these two groups of menopausal women. What I found was that the women who report less than satisfactory HRT outcomes at menopause also demonstrate a higher incidence of depression, anxiety, emotional abuse and sexual dissatisfaction. The American Association for Reproductive Medicine accepted two dissertation abstracts for presentation at their annual conference October, 1998, in San Francisco. My research findings piqued an interest in psychoneuroendocrinology, or the way in which our emotions and hormones work together in the brain to influence our behavior.

I thoroughly enjoy the young adult who is “finding herself” and deciding who she is and wants to be in life. In this age of infinite choices for women, the 20’s to 30+ woman often faces challenging decisions related to career/family. Getting clear on these choices and their integration into her life is a significant challenge for the young adult woman.

Then there is the “marvelous mid-lifer,” man and/or woman, in a couple or single, who is trying to figure out, often once again, sometimes for the first time, “Who am I, Who do I want to be, and How do I want to spend the next 20+ years of my life and with whom? The excitement of working with “mid-lifers” is helping them to tap into and use the life experiences they have had to date, as well as whetting their heightened awareness and appetites for new, helpful information and personal growth.

The unique period of midlife in normal growth and development is rich with opportunities for creating personal solutions and expansion, including:

  • Female Menopause and Male Andropause Management
  • Managing Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Issues
  • Attaining Sexual Satisfaction
  • Resolving Past Painful Issues
  • Redirecting Energy for New Growth and Goal-setting
  • Preventative Healthcare for Long-Term Quality of Life
  • Major Transitions:
  • Children Leaving/Returning Home
  • Caring for our Parents
  • Separation, Divorce, Moving
  • Job Change or Retirement
  • Death of Significant People
  • Prevention of, Coping with Chronic Illness

As a midlife specialist, I am aware of its complexities with hormonally-based changes and challenging situational effects on women, men, couples, AND on the children, often teenagers, in midlife families.

As a health educator, I’ve presented many seminars for Northside Hospital Women First, for BellSouth, Atlanta Women’s Network, Turner Broadcasting and numerous other organizations. My signature seminar currently is “Conversations Between the Generations: Enhancing Communication for Creative Life Planning Between Seniors and their Children.”